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  • The knowledge of the PVC

    PVC is widely used, with good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, good insulation and so on. The most common processing techniques for PVC products are extrusion and injection molding. With the development of PVC auxiliaries, the performance of PVC auxiliaries co...
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  • Industrial gases for rubber industry market is expected to reach 6.31 billion USD by 2020 Tweet

    Pune, India – MarketsandMarkets report “Industrial Gases for Plastic & Rubber Industry Market – Global Forecast to 2020″, The industrial gases for the plastic & rubber industry size is estimated to grow from USD 4.89 Billion in 2015 to USD 6.31 Billion by 2020, at ...
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  • China Rubber Conference & Expo 2016

    China Rubber Conference & China Rubber Expo, the largest international rubber event in China, is organized by China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) once a year. This event has been run successfully for 10 sessions since it was born in 2006, which is held in Guangzhou in singular years and ...
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  • New ASTM standard supports use of silica in tire, promotes sustainability

    A new ASTM standard will be used to test the quality of silica, a raw material that forms the base for “greener” tires. Tire companies and silica producers will be the primary users of the new standard (D8016, Test Method for Silica, Precipitated, Hydrated — Sears Number...
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